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What you are viewing right now is a an image of a cd copy of the first 7” vinyl release by Grave Robber, now available on cd for the first time!

Side A was a cover of The Everly Brothers classic, “Love Hurts” and an early demo of “Burn, Witch Burn” recorded in a basement studio. The instruments and vocals were tracked undead with no studio trickery. Side B was literally live versions of “Dark Angel” and the very first, albeit completely screwed up performance of “Army Of The Dead” captured by a room microphone at Gunther Murphy’s in Chicago.

Re-remasterd by J Powell at Steinhaus

This is a print to order duplicated cd.

Track listing:
1) Love Hurts
2) Burn Witch, Burn
3) Dark Angel (Live at Gunther Murphys 2006)
4) Army Of The Dead (Live at Gunther Murphys 2006)